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Mar 25 2007
Canvas shoe with a thick rubber velcro strap by puma
puma el rey
Rock & Roll boots by Mark Nason
mark nason boots
New album by Charlotte Gainsbourg described as both moody and lusty by Details
Like the white leather driving shoe by Cole Haan with help from Nike
cole haan driver
I think I found the perfect thin sweater by Dolce & Gabbana as worn by JT on thw cover of Details
Mar 20 2007
Dynamic lighting by Jason Bruges Studio - 700 LED globes that project the color of the sky for law firm Allen & Overy
Artemide's Talek lamp by Neil Poulton
talak table lamp
Architect Paul Morgan analyzed the winds when designing his house - so much that 'scoops' trap cooling summer breezes
paul morgan house
New book 'The Black Swan' says it's the big unpredicatble things that matter...
A Bruce Lee amusement park in Shunde, China in 2009?
Mar 19 2007
Gorgeous glossy white kitchen called the Cube by Bravo bravobravo.it/
bravo cube kitchen
Like the chunky geometry 'Cutt' silver cutlery designed by Buchegger, Denoth, and Feichtner
Cutt silver cutlery
Light transmitting concrete? by Litracon litracon.hu/
theultranyc.com/ The Ultra in Manhattan has scent machines effusing smells of chocolate, rain, etc
Ultra NYC
Mar 18 2007
Donnybrook Quarter by Peter Barber Architects - urban living with private outside spaces
donnybrook quarter
read up on Brunelleschi's solution to the unfinished dome of Florence's Duomo and his Santo Spirito Church - considered the two "Florentine miracles"
World's longest bar at Adam & Eve in Turkey
adam eve hotel - room
www.noguchi-g.com/bourou where better to experience minimalist japanese architecture than at a hot spring spa?
noguchi bourou spa
noguchi bourou spa
Party in Singapore at the St James Power Station - 9 clubs with individual entrances under one roof
4 doors with flair: gull wing in the front and scissor in the rear - the Citroen C-Metisse concept car
citroen c-metisse
hollinhills.org/ suburbs for designers?
Hollin Hills Home
I like the three pronged 'Scone' lamp by Serge Mouille
Serge Mouille Lamp
goatfood.com/ snacks endorsed by Ali
Mar 14 2007
Women get way cooler gym gear - exhibit a is the Fitness Statement Tee by puma
puma fitness statement tee
Is the Zero Bike by Makita and Hiroshi Tsuzaki from the Art Center College of Design for real?
zero bike
Love the furniture from John Houshmand - combines raw timber with slabs of metal and glass
john houshand chaise
VW Nanospyder is probably the coolest concept car ever - and the furthest off as its based on nanotech
volkswagon nanospyder
Lit glass floor, mirrored ceilings, leather clad tree trunk display cases - in the new Hermes flagship in Seoul